Our Commitment

Ross Optical works with you to turn your optical supply chain into a critical success factor. Our customer service, quality assurance and inventory systems ensure you receive optical assemblies how and when you need them. 

What We Do

Founded in 1988 by Edward Ross, Ross Optical has evolved from an optical components supplier into a solutions provider. We have an extensive portfolio of optical fabrication and quality assurance equipment, technology, technical solutions and optical product suppliers. We offer turnkey optics from concept and design through engineering, prototyping, assembly and testing.

The merger with Precision Optics Corporation and Lighthouse Imaging has expanded the depth and breadth of our in-house optical and optical systems design, fabrication, and production capabilities. Ross Optical’s catalog, sourced from 21 optical manufacturing facilities around the world, provides a selection of hard-to-find optical products at competitive prices.

Our customer service and engineering teams will help you determine if a standard optic will meet your needs. If your product design demands a custom optic, we can design, fabricate, coat, and assemble it in-house. We partner with major OEMs to ensure their supply chain and quick delivery.

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