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Rod Lens

Rod lenses are polished on the circumference and ground on both ends. Optical performance is similar to a cylinder lens. Collimated light passing through the diameter of the rod will be focused into a line. These components are used in a variety of laser and imaging applications.


Below are our standard rod lens specifications. 
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Lens Type Rod Lens Length Tolerance + 0.00 / -0.10
Glass Type N-BK7 Diameter Tolerance + 0.00 / -0.03
Dimension Unit mm Surface Quality 40-20
Edge Bevel None Clear Aperture 90%
Coating Uncoated
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Diameter Length  
L-ROD030 10 20.0000 Add to Quote
L-ROD025 5 20.0000 Add to Quote
L-ROD020 5 15.0000 Add to Quote
L-ROD015 5 10.0000 Add to Quote
L-ROD010 5 6.5000 Add to Quote
L-ROD005 3 6.5000 Add to Quote
L-ROD002 2 4.0000 Add to Quote