Advanced Metrology, Total Inspection

Ross Optical offers inspection levels customized to your application needs, giving you better control over cost, timeline, and acceptance rates. Rigorous quality inspection at Ross Optical eliminates the need for extensive incoming inspection facilities. For many of our customers, 100% surface inspection and spot fringe power inspection at Ross Optical provides the confidence they need to go directly to manufacture.

Our in-house metrology capabilities ensure we deliver optical components and assemblies that meet your quality specifications. To maintain high quality standards, Ross technicians use an array of test and measurement equipment, including:

  • Trioptics Opticentric, for measurement of centering
  • Trioptics OpticSpheric, for focal length measurement
  • Zygo Interferometer, for measurement of surface irregularities, transmitted wavefronts and radius of curvature
  • Trioptics Super Spherotronic, for radius measurement
  • Trioptics PrismMaster MOT, precision goniometer for angular measurements of optical prisms and polygons
  • Perkin Elmer UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, to check the accuracy of our coatings

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