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Retroreflector Prisms

Also called corner cubes, these prisms are made of solid glass that allow the entering rays to emerge parallel to itself, only in the opposite direction of propagation, regardless of the orientation of the prism. This is useful when precision alignment is difficult and a mirror would not be applicable.

Material Dimensions Diameter Tolerance Angle Tolerance Surface Accuracy Height Tolerance Chamfer Coating
N-BK7 MM +0/-0.1 mm 3 arc Seconds 1/10 wave ±0.25mm 0.2 x 45 Uncoated (See Coating Chart for Available Options)
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Diameter Height  
P-CCP011 50.8 37.5 Add to Quote
P-CCP009 38.1 28.5 Add to Quote
P-CCP007 25.4 18.8 Add to Quote
P-CCP005 15 11.3 Add to Quote
P-CCP003 12.7 10.16 Add to Quote
P-CCP001 7.16 6.1 Add to Quote