Inventory Solutions that Cut Supply Chain Cost

Save time and money with optical parts and assemblies on demand.

Ross Optical Industries offers inventory options to best fit your operations and help you improve product quality. As a true supply chain partner, we work with your processes and order systems, including:

Kanban or Blanket POs: For manufacturers who’ve implemented JIT or lean production processes. Ross maintains the inventory costs, even for small volumes, and we proactively communicate levels in stock. 

Vendor-Managed or Consignment Inventory: An ideal way to improve cash flow and drive out costs. We stock the parts you need at your site; you pay only when you use them.

Offshore Vendor Management: Ross Optical customers who have tried sourcing directly from offshore manufacturers have cited 2-3X longer lead times. As an ITAR-registered supplier, we source standard optical lenses from offshore vendors and provide value-add services such as coating and inspection, providing cost savings without compromising lead time or quality.  

We’ll work with you to identify an option that improves your lead times, quality and supply chain costs. Whether you need custom optics and optical assemblies, catalog lenses, micro optics, or aspheres, Ross Optical offers a wide range of optical products. Plus we have the customer service and support to improve your product, drive down optical assembly total cost, and cut your lead times, often by several weeks.

Start saving now. Contact us to discuss your needs, or download our Supply Chain Process Improvement guide for more information.

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