Experts in Optical Engineering

Our optical and mechanical engineers are experts in all aspects of new product development, from design to prototyping and from product management to process development. We can design initial assembly line requirements if you wish to bring production in-house, or we can establish an optical manufacturing outsource arrangement from almost anywhere on the globe. 

Our engineers utilize high-end computer workstations with SolidWorks® 3D solid modeling computer-aided design software for mechanical designs, and ZEMAX® optical design software to test and validate optical designs. We can help with:

Lens Design

Ross Optical designs and manufactures prototype and volume lenses for a variety of applications. From micro optics to multi-element systems, our in-house lens and coatings designers can help ensure optimal performance and cost for your product.

Mechanical Engineering

For customer after customer, our opto-mechanical engineering team has made recommendations, designed and redesigned products to improve performance and cut costs. We provide a project summary report complete with engineering drawings, part sourcing, and product cost analysis.

Systems Engineering

Better optical systems can mean a competitive edge for your technology. Our turnkey optics solutions allow you to prototype quickly, cut product costs, and improve your supply chain. Our engineers can help determine if a simplified system using an aspheric lens will improve performance, or if standard optics are the better choice for your project.

Reverse Engineering

Ross Optical can test and evaluate your current optics product or disassemble a product for part measurement and documentation. We can then redesign the product incorporating best engineering practices.

Local Touch, Global Reach

In the race to stay competitive, you need every business option at your disposal – complete with estimates on cost of production, time-to-market and return on investment. At Ross Optical, we help our customers from over 21 locations around the world. Our dynamic, technically advanced engineering workforce is able to respond to your needs across time zones, languages, and industries. No matter where you are, we can work with you to optimize product performance, cost and supply chain logistics.

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