Divi Mangadu-20240404Divi Mangadu  |  President 

Divi Mangadu is both a skilled mechanical engineer and an entrepreneurial leader in precision manufacturing. For more than 20 years, Divi has worked with primes and OEMs to reduce supply chain risk and cost while ensuring optimal product performance. He is committed to continually improving product design and quality assurance for customers.

divi@rossoptical.com |  915-595-5417 x12


Adriana Garcia- 20240404Adriana Garcia  |  New Business & Digital Marketing Manager

Adriana provides our customers with sales, customer service support, and empowers her team to provide the best value and service for your optic needs. She loves speaking with our clients and works hard to ensure your questions and quotes are responded to in a timely manner. Together with our engineering team, she works with the customers new projects, from concept to mass production. Adriana holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, and an associate of Business Management.

Adriana@rossoptical.com |  915-595-5417 x24

Faviola Villegas-20240404

Faviola Villegas |  Customer Service

Faviola Villegas has 13 plus years of experience working at Ross Optical Industries. For the first few years Faviola began in the production and receiving department where she was able to gain extensive product knowledge. With this new knowledge, Faviola was able to transition to customer service where she has been serving Ross Optical customers for the past 10 years. She is passionate about helping our customers find the right fit and is always ready to answer any questions. Along with handling procurement of supplies, Faviola keeps her clients updated on their order statuses and is always willing to lend a hand. Full of product and company knowledge, Faviola helps guide customers in the perfect direction to fit their needs. 

 Faviola@rossoptical.com | 915-595-5417 x10

Carlos Penalbert-20240404

Carlos Penalbert |  Sales and Coating Engineer

Carlos brings 19 years of practical expertise to the realm of optics and optical coating manufacturing, establishing himself as a seasoned management professional. In his past capacity as Operations & Sales Manager, he assumed responsibility for all aspects of product sales and distribution, including personnel management, team recruitment, efficiency monitoring, and performance assessment.

Carlos's organizational acumen is exceptional, characterized by a keen eye for detail. Furthermore, his proficiency in record keeping and communication equips him to maintain precise and efficient information dissemination. He thrives when presented with challenges and showcases remarkable problem-solving abilities.

cpenalbert@rossoptical.com | 915-595-5417 x26

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