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Elliptical Mirrors

These first-surface elliptical flat mirrors are suitable for applications which require bending/folding light at precise angles with minimum wavefront distortion. Although they are typically offered with protected aluminum mirror coating, other coatings are available on request. Other sizes can be made to drawing.

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Material Dimensions Diameter Tolerance Thickness Tolerance Clear Aperture Surface Flatness Surface Quality Coating
Fused Silica MM ±0.25 mm ±0.20 mm 90% 1/4 Wave per 25.0 mm 60-40 Protected Aluminum
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Material Minor Axis Major Axis Thickness  
M-ELP030 Pyrex 76.2 107.77 12.7 Add to Quote
M-ELP025 Pyrex 57.15 80.82 12.7 Add to Quote
M-ELP020 Pyrex 38.1 53.87 9.5 Add to Quote
M-ELP015 Pyrex 31.75 44.91 9.5 Add to Quote
M-ELP010 Pyrex 22.23 31.42 6.35 Add to Quote
M-ELP005 Pyrex 12.7 17.96 3.81 Add to Quote