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Wollaston Polarizer

A Wollaston polarizer has wider field of view than other birefringent polarizers. The two prisms are cemented together. Both ordinary and extraordinary beams transmit through the prism, however, at a deviation angle of 15° to 45° depending on the wavelength.

Singlets are the simplest form of optical components. Although they exhibit spherical and chromatic aberrations, they are the most readily available and least expensive way to direct energy to a specific spot. Singlets are also offered in a wide variety of coatings to meet your needs and specifications.

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Part Number Separation Angle Clear Aperturer Outer Dia Length  
Z-WLP080 16.7-22.5° 19°@980nm 15 30 23 Add to Quote
Z-WLP075 16.7-22.5° 19°@980nm 10 25.4 18 Add to Quote
Z-WLP070 16.7-22.5° 19°@980nm 8 25.4 16 Add to Quote
Z-WLP065 16.7-22.5° 19°@980nm 6 15 14 Add to Quote
Z-WLP020 15-27° 16°@800nm 15 30 23 Add to Quote
Z-WLP015 15-27° 16°@800nm 10 25.4 18 Add to Quote
Z-WLP010 15-27° 16°@800nm 8 25.4 16 Add to Quote
Z-WLP005 15-27° 16°@800nm 6 15 14 Add to Quote