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Amici Prisms

Also called a roof prism, the Amici prism is a right angle prism that's hypotenuse has been replaced by a 90-degree roof. The corners that do not affect the clear aperture have been cut away to reduce weight and size. They are used to both erect and make a 90-degree deflection of the incoming object. They are ideal to turn an inverted image right side up.

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Material Dimensions  Tolerance Surface Accuracy Angle Tolerance Resolution Bevel
N-BK7 MM +0/-0.1 mm 1/2 wave ±3 arc minutes 5 arc sec 0.2mm x 45°
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Side A Side B Side C  
P-ARP011 50.8 50.8 69.5 Add to Quote
P-ARP009 38.1 38.1 52 Add to Quote
P-ARP007 25.4 25.4 35 Add to Quote
P-ARP005 19 19 26 Add to Quote
P-ARP003 12.7 12.7 17.25 Add to Quote