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Dove Prisms

Dove prism is a truncated version of right angle prism. A beam entering parallel to the hypotenuse face is reflected internally and emerges parallel to its incident direction. Dove prisms are used as image rotators. As the prism is rotated, the image passing through will rotate at an angle twice that of the prism.

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Material Dimensions Tolerance Surface Quality Surface Accuracy Bevel Angle AR Coating
BK7 MM ±0.1 mm (A/C), ±0.38 (B) 60-40 1/2 wave 0.3mm x 45° ±3 arc min Uncoated
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Side A Side B Side C  
P-DOV017 6 8.5 25.37 Add to Quote
P-DOV015 3.6 5.1 15.22 Add to Quote
P-DOV013 2.5 3.5 10.56 Add to Quote
P-DOV011 2 2.8 8 Add to Quote
P-DOV009 1.2 1.7 5.07 Add to Quote
P-DOV007 20 28.3 84.55 Add to Quote
P-DOV005 15 21.2 63.41 Add to Quote
P-DOV003 10 14.1 42.28 Add to Quote