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These are lenses with one flat surface and one convex surface. They have a positive focal length and are used to converge or focus incoming light. They are best for infinite conjugate systems. They can be used in many different optical systems such as magnifiers, telescopes, collimators, condensers and imaging instruments. For best optical performance, the convex side should always face the incident light.

Below are our standard specifications. 
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Material Diameter Tolerance Thickness Tolerance
Black anodized aluminum +/-0.1mm +/-0.1mm
* All dimensions are in mm
Part Number Outer Dia Thickness Inner Dia Clear Aperturer  
W-WH3025 30 6 25.4 22.8 Add to Quote
W-WH3020 30 6 20 18 Add to Quote
W-WH3015 30 6 15 13.5 Add to Quote
W-WH2515 25.4 6 15 13.5 Add to Quote
W-WH2512 25.4 6 12.7 11.5 Add to Quote
W-WH2510 25.4 6 10 9 Add to Quote